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Weekend in Wyoming: The Great American Eclipse

August 23, 2017



Leading up to the eclipse I was ho-hum.  It seemed like people has been talking about it for months and months. Friends of ours were going to a fulltime RV family solar eclipse meet-up in Oregon but I thought it was … Continue reading

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What it Was Really Like for Our Family to Stop Full Time RVIng

February 9, 2017


Thing 3 Noble Hike

This morning as I lay in bed awake but with my eyes closed, I listened to Thing 4 breathing near my cheek and felt the warmth of Brent’s body against my back. The night had been rough with Thing 3 … Continue reading

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Why Our Family Stopped Full Time RVing

April 29, 2016


Brothers at Petrified National Forest

A few months ago, after four years of full time RVing with our family, we made the very difficult decision to settle down. Settle down. Oh man…I’m still getting used to the idea. I knew settling down would be hard. … Continue reading

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Used Heartland Gateway 3650BH for Sale

April 18, 2016



The time has come to sell our beloved RV, a used 2014 Heartland Gateway 3650BH. We searched for months and looked at many RVs before deciding on the Gateway 3650BH. She was perfect for our family and if we were … Continue reading

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Farewell to Full Time RVing with Family

February 19, 2016



Looking in rearview mirror of the last four years of our full time RV adventures, I see a road littered with memories… The emotional up and downs of going through years of stuff and young boys sorting through piles of toys … Continue reading

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Parked in Park City, UT

April 16, 2015


Thing 1 Snowboarding 3 Park City UT

Home to me is an open road ahead with Brent by my side and my kiddos tucked in the backseat.  (And a fat black cat sharing shotgun.) The drive from Lake Tahoe, CA to Park City, UT was longer than … Continue reading

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Not All Birds Fly South: RVing in Lake Tahoe

March 6, 2015



Two and a half years ago if you would have asked me where I wanted to spend winter, I would have quickly said Florida, Southern California, or Arizona. Then I spent a winter up in the in the mountains of … Continue reading

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Buying our New Fifth Wheel at Dixie RV

May 30, 2014


Dixie RV Reviews

Buying a new RV was a big decision for us. A really big decision. Our old RV was already paid for and it had become our home so we were reluctant to part with it. However, our family was in … Continue reading

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Little Big Guy, Thing 3 – Week 4

May 18, 2014


Baby Jedi Week 4

I’m one month old. What a great four weeks!    Napping is still one of the best things ever. My Papaw gave me the nickname Nobi-Wan Kenobi. My baby wrap is really a Jedi robe in disguise. My neck muscles … Continue reading

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Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument

May 13, 2014


Pretty Puffy Clouds Mt St Helens WA

I was only three years old when Mount St Helens erupted killing 57 people. It was a few years after the fact, that my child’s mind could process deadliest eruption in the United States. Natural disasters are strange mixture of … Continue reading

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