Family on the Road – The Short Version

Hi there! We are a family on the road. Last year we decided to follow our dreams and spend a year or more traveling the United States in an rv with our 3 pets. This blog chronicles our journey, the treasures we find, the people we meet, and the simple moments that fuel our souls.

Family on the Road – The Longer Version

Traveling the country in an rv had been our dream for years but we were always waiting for the “perfect” time.

The wait is over.

There is no perfect time.  We took our family on the road so we can live our dream to see all 50 states before the boys grow up.

We only get one life to live we’ve decided we don’t want to wait around regretting our choices and fearing the future.  We are trying to embrace each day as a chance to live purposely. We don’t know what the future holds but we do know we want to live more simply. To live more intentionally.  To live more adventurously.

Along the way…

We stumble.  We fall.  We (mostly me) throw tantrums.


We catch each other.  We get back up.  We wipe away the tears.


We move on, investing in moments, because “moments” are the threads of this big crazy beautiful tapestry that we call our lives. We hope you’ll join our family on the road.

The Newschool Nomads



I am the primary writer of this blog.  Writing helps me “to see” the adventure that can be found in the simplest of days.  I want to breath deep and suck life down into every crevice of my lungs.  I want every cell to vibrate with love and gratitude despite the fits of anger, fear, and anxiety that make up the other side of life.  I hope I die at 102 by getting thrown off a horse.

I love music, art, reading, vintage, thrifting, Audrey Hepburn, traveling, people watching, nature, laughing, and God.  Before hitting the road, I was a part-time personal trainer.  I blog about staying fit and healthy on the road at Girl Heroes.  You’ll always find a tube of red lipstick in my purse and my husband still gives me butterflies.


Brent is the primary provider for our family and my soul mate.   He married me which proves he is absolutely crazy to the core.  (We have unlikely love story you can read here.) He is quiet, thoughtful, intense, and makes the best maple ice cream in the entire world.  No joke.

Brent loves music, art, food, technology, making stuff work, traveling, and playing drums. He provides for our family by doing freelance graphic/web design, video editing, and the occasional video project.  You can see some of his work at Nims Media.

Thing 1


Thing 1 is the youngest old man.  He loves wearing his robe, looking at real estate, Mac computers, classical music, playing the piano, and airsoft guns.  Probably all at once.

Thing 2


Thing 2 is wild, loving, and can turn a rock into a friend.  He loves air soft guns, Legos, animals, earning Jr. Ranger badges, taking pictures, and bugging his big brother.

Sunny Life, a.k.a, Meow Cow

Meow Cow found our family as skinny homeless kitten 6 years ago in a parking lot while we were in Indiana for my brothers wedding.  We brought him back to California on a big jet plane.  MC has really embraced the “riches” part of his rags to riches story by insisting that he be served on a hourly basis. He loves traveling full time in an RV.


Originally from Wasco, CA, Nigel joined our family as a pup when Thing 1 was just a year old.  He has yet to acknowledge the existence of Meow Cow.


Nico joined the family as in impulsive Valentine’s Day gift from me to Brent. Although, it’s clear her heart belongs to Thing One. She has been making ruckus for the last 8 years but we love her anyway.



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