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Farewell to Full Time RVing with Family


Looking in rearview mirror of the last four years of our full time RV adventures, I see a road littered with memories… The emotional up and downs of going through years of stuff and young boys sorting through piles of toys … Continue reading

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Boxes have replaced dressers and nightstands.  Mattresses sit on the floor.  Old toys en route to new homes whisper memories of little boys.  A rainbow of threads is scattered under the kitchen table where my friend and I spent three … Continue reading

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Open “House”

Open House Elephant Tea Kettle

Saturday morning, we decided we would have an rv open “house” on Sunday.  We had been *thinking* about the open house for a month and leave it to me to invite people 24 hours beforehand.  The truth is I wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Couch Angel

Couch Reupolster 3

Last week, I mentioned a great friend was coming over to help me reupholster the rv sleeper sofa frame. Well she’s not a great friend…                           She’s a … Continue reading

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Fun Times in the LA Garment District


Fabric is one of the most important considerations when redecorating an rv.  After all there isn’t much wall space that doesn’t have at least some fabric on it and with only a few pieces of furniture per room “the fabric” … Continue reading

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Pinholes of Light


Some photos, a preview if you will, I snapped with my phone this week. Brent has been crazy busy finishing up the video and I’ve been painting, cleaning, and going through stuff at our house. Finally, some pinholes of light are making their way … Continue reading

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“Go Wild”

Noah and Mess 2

                              Yesterday, this was my living room. Today it is slightly better. I am not proud. When Thing 2 decided to “go wild” I thought, why not?  It’s … Continue reading

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Is there a forest around these trees?

Thing 2 Sanding

Life may be a tad bit on the busy side right now but I still want to document it. This week we’ve been painting, sanding, painting, sanding. From how much we’ve I’ve been painting you would think that we are … Continue reading

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Making a “house” a “home”.

5th Wheel Redecorate 3

Today was our first official work day on the trailer. It’s a family affair.  Almost.  Thing 2 pops in and out offering encouragement.  Sort of. However, Thing 1 is more than happy to get to use tools help as long as we … Continue reading

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Making Trail


Nathanael’s Boyscout Troop is heading out for their first backpacking trip since he joined next weekend. He insisted that before he joined them in this outing we would do our own father & son trek. So last week we made … Continue reading

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