Glacier National Park: So Worth the Drive!

After traveling for two years full time in our RV, one of the questions we get asked most often is “What’s your favorite place?”

Each of us has a different answer but there is no question (Except for maybe Thing One who at this point of teenagedom tends dislike everything we like. Don’t tell him that Brent and I actually like New York City or New Orleans or else he’ll change his mind.) that Glacier National Park is in our top ten favorite places. Or maybe even our top 5.

I imagine a visit to Glacier is perhaps the closest thing you can get to wilds of Alaska without leaving the boundaries of the lower 48. We stayed in Glacier for a week and could have easily stayed another week. The first few days were spent outside the park at a RV resort with other full time families, families we had met in Yellowstone.  A few days later we moved to Apgar Campground within the park boundaries. Our “backyard” was the kind that makes the RV life so appealing. A large private site under a canopy of trees with a path leading straight to the shores of Lake McDonald where we watched the most glorious sunsets and even one sunrise.

We spent the afternoons in Glacier exploring the park. We drove the Going to the Sun road for stunning vistas and wildlife sightings. We hiked to Avalanche Lake for a picnic lunch. We rode bikes through the forest on roads still closed for the season. We spent an afternoon wishing we had a 4×4 truck when we took a dirt road to Bowman Lake. We went back in time at the Polebridge (a “town” of less than 500) Mercantile where we ate delicious homemade pastries. We the boys swam in the cool clear water of Lake McDonald.

Glacier NP Mountain Sunset and Wading Glacier NP Little Boy at Sunset Glacier NP Romantic Glacier NP Mt Waterfall Reflections Glacier NP Me and My Love Glacier NP Lunch Breack Glacier NP Little Mountain Goat Glacier NP Mountain Goat Baby Glacier NP Picture Taking Glacier NP Clouds and Mountains Glacier NP Polebridge Glacier NP MT Polebridge Bakery Glacier NP MT

Floating Glacier NP

Sunset Glacier NP

Like all places of beauty and magic the week passed too soon and we found ourselves on the road again heading west. Thankfully, we have pictures to remember these days of serenity and adventure.

Glacier we will return!

Love and Laughter,

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6 Responses to “Glacier National Park: So Worth the Drive!”

  1. Patricia Davidson Says:

    Wonderful post and photos! It’s on my list to go to when we start our RV life. Just curious about the bears. Were there any warnings about bears in any areas of the park you travelled too? If so, did you have to carry bears pray?


  2. Nikki Says:

    Great post! We so loved Glacier as well! Personally liked it so much better than Yellowstone. Maybe due to the time of year – don’t know. Would love to go again and spend more time! Cheers 🙂


    • jennincat Says:

      I really enjoyed your Yellowstone post. I do think it had to do with the time of the year…although I think from a perspective of raw beauty Glacier takes the cake over Yellowstone.


  3. [email protected] Says:

    Looks amazing! I thinks these are some of my favorite photos. Just gorgeous!


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