It was Epic.

April 14, 2013

Family on the Road

Snowboard Family Epic Mix

I tried snowboarding when I was about 16. It was something I always wanted to do. Unfortunately, my single snowboarding lesson didn’t go too well. I ended up riding the board like a sled down the mountain with tears freezing to my cheeks.

Being a believer in the power of positive thinking, I prepared my kids for the worst before we headed out to Colorado for the winter.

I told them that snowboarding was super SUPER hard and they would probable hate it for the first month.

Parenting at it’s finest.

We were wrong.

At best I thought one of them would love it. Never, NEVER, would I have imagined that both boys would ask to go to lessons and come home happy. Most of the time.

This was their last weekend of snowboard lessons. The season ended on a high note. They rode with one of their favorite instructors and were filmed going down double black diamonds for a Breck website promo.

Thing Two said, “It was Epic.”

Yes, little man this winter was most definitely “epic” and we have the pictures to remember it.

First Day Snowboarding

Our first day on the mountain heading to lessons.

Magic Carpet Thing One

First lesson.

Learning to Ride Thing One51

They went from this…

Thing One Jump Epic Mix

Thing Two Jump Epic Mix

 …to this.

Brent Jump

Brent got his groove back after 15 years off the slopes.

Jenn Jump Epic Mix

Even mama learned to jump.

Steve and the Boys Epic Mix

We are thankful for the Breck Ski and Ride school. The teachers and staff are amazing. They cared for and challenged the boys with enthusiasm.

Not only did our boys have a blast learning to snowboard at the ski and ride school…

Jump Epic Mix

…their lessons gave Brent and I the chance to play by ourselves

Lounging Snowboard Epic Mix

…and time to just chill.

Mama and Cubs Keystone

In March, the boys and I decided to snowboard for 6 days in a row. Some of the days were only a few hours long but we managed to get all our gear on (no small feat) and head to the mountain Monday through Saturday. In our homeschool, we used it as a lesson in “short term goal setting”.

Their commitment paid off and I could no longer keep up with them.  Just weeks before, I was riding slowly behind them offering words of encouragement and suddenly I was speeding along trying to keep them in sight.

Daddy Thing One Epic Mix

Daddy and Thing Two Epic Mix












Four months at the mountain also gave us plenty of time to spend some quality one on one time with each of the boys.

Like Legos Snowboarders Epic Mix

Dear Thing One and Thing Two,

We have had so much fun watching you go from the bunny hill to black diamonds. While we are so proud of your shredding skills, we are most proud of your willingness to try something new and the courage, patience, and perserverance it took to learn these new skills. Those thing are much more important than any spin or jump. We know at times the winter felt really long, the weather really cold and the rv really small but you guys stuck it out with (mostly) good attitudes. It’s been super fun riding with you and we hope this is only the first of many seasons we get to spend on the mountain together! You both are epic.

Mommy and Daddy

Love and Laughter,

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6 Responses to “It was Epic.”

  1. Weewa Says:

    I have absolutely loved reading about the Breckenridge journey. The pictures have been amazing as well. You have done what many people would love to do even for a week. You toughed out the cold weather in a cracker tin and lived to tell about it. So happy and proud of each and every one of you….and that includes Nigel, Nico, Sunny and Virginia too. Safe and happy travels 🙂


  2. Deb Says:

    I think one of the greatest gifts to a kid is something like this: a skill that boosts their confidence a zillion fold. Those jumps are amazing looking. So proud of ALL of you & would sooo love to do what you’ve done & commit to a winter to learn an amazingly fun skill.

    Well done guys!


  3. [email protected] Says:

    What a memorable winter! I loved following along your snowboarding adventures! You all did great!

    Curious to see what comes next! 🙂


  4. Margie Lundy Says:

    Awesome!!! So glad you all had so much fun!


  5. Norene NIms Says:

    What awesome photos of one of God’s most beautiful places and your awesome family. What a lovely letter for our boys to remember always-
    Your other grandma is so right about the joy and laughter and pride we have felt as we saw photos of your days. What a shining Light for all your days. Love to you all xxxoo


  6. Steve Williams Says:

    Glad to have been part of your Epic adventure. It was fun to ride with the boys and see how much they progressed from when I first met them. Turns out theirs was the last lesson I taught for the season. It will be the happy way I will remember the season.
    Look forward to seeing where your future adventures take all of you – good luck with them.


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