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Parked in Park City, UT

Thing 1 Snowboarding 3 Park City UT

Home to me is an open road ahead with Brent by my side and my kiddos tucked in the backseat.  (And a fat black cat sharing shotgun.) The drive from Lake Tahoe, CA to Park City, UT was longer than … Continue reading

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Not All Birds Fly South: RVing in Lake Tahoe


Two and a half years ago if you would have asked me where I wanted to spend winter, I would have quickly said Florida, Southern California, or Arizona. Then I spent a winter up in the in the mountains of … Continue reading

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Winter by Instagram


And this is the last of our Colorado winter. Hello spring! Love and Laughter, Jenn If you enjoyed this post you can follow one of three ways! 1. Sign up to have posts emailed to your inbox. 2. Subscribe to the RSS … Continue reading

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The People We Meet – Breckenridge

Village Breck

Yes, snowboarding was amazing. And we made Breck our home for four and half months. But. Breckenridge wouldn’t have been the same without all the people. The people, with each of their unique gifts, filled this winter with even more … Continue reading

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A Bittersweet Goodbye

Jumping Nomads

The other day on our walk Brent and I saw blades of green grass bravely poking up through the ground where the snow had been waiting all winter. It’s amazing how fast the snow goes when it gets warm. Kinda … Continue reading

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It was Epic.

Snowboard Family Epic Mix

I tried snowboarding when I was about 16. It was something I always wanted to do. Unfortunately, my single snowboarding lesson didn’t go too well. I ended up riding the board like a sled down the mountain with tears freezing … Continue reading

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Magic Carpet Ride


I have had a number of experiences that have been so intense, so spectacular, that I question their reality. Riding a camel through Petra in Jordan. Hiking the Mount of Olives to watch the sunrise slowly turn Old  Jerusalem golden. … Continue reading

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