Not All Birds Fly South: RVing in Lake Tahoe

Two and a half years ago if you would have asked me where I wanted to spend winter, I would have quickly said Florida, Southern California, or Arizona. Then I spent a winter up in the in the mountains of Colorado and fell in love. Fell in love with snowboarding, the beauty of snowcapped mountains, the coziness of the RV, and, mostly, watching the boys passion and joy for snowboarding take off.

We spent last year in Florida waiting for Thing 3 to arrive. This year we were anxious to get back to mountains and prepared for a three part “Not All Birds Fly South” winter adventure.

IMG_2750PicMonkey Collage Tahoe Hike CA

Lake Tahoe, the second deepest lake in the United States, was the first stop of three.


new years eve 2015 tahoe ca

Being the exciting adventures we are, we kicked off the New Year with a family game about American history and a bottle sparkling cider. The questions were so hard and the facts so obscure that we could only answer a few of them. I think we’ll stick with Uno. It’s easier and takes up less space.


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Thing 1 2 Chairlift Tahoe CA

The boys were excited to explore the different ski resorts using our Epic Passes. They were also excited to be old enough to be dropped off at the mountain after school. This is what I’d call a fun way to get in PE!

PicMonkey Collage Garrett engaged


Brent’s brother, Garret, and his girlfriend, Kelly, came up for a few days. The boys and Brent went riding with them one day and Garret asked Kelly to marry him on top of the mountain. Classic “Go big or go home” Garret style.

rv tahoe ca rv tahoe valley campground ca

We had high hopes for lots of snow but no such luck. Aside from the night we drove in (of course!), the temperatures were unseasonably warm and not a single storm passed through during our two week stay.

Brent Thing 3 Tahoe Hike CA

With the warm weather winter hiking was extra fun. One evening, Brent and I hiked a bit on the Tahoe Rim Trail with Thing 3.

PicMonkey Collage Emerald Bay CA

Brent THing 3 Hike Eagle Falls CA


Thing 1 Eagle Falls CA

We enjoyed a family hike on Eagle Falls trail. The older boys complained at first, as is customary, but once we were on the trail they went up ahead of us and seemingly forgot we were watching them. It was pure joy seeing them talk and laugh together. These are the moments I wish I could tattoo on my heart.

Thing 1 Eagle Falls Tahoe CA

This guy’s smile has been melting my heart since 2000.

PicMonkey Collage Eagle Falls Hike CA IMG_2011

Truckee CA PicMonkey Collage Truckee CA

We spent and afternoon in Truckee meeting up and having pizza with an old college friend of mine.

Donner Lake CA1

Emigrant Musuem Truckee CA

PicMonkey Collage

After walking downtown Truckee, we headed over Donner Memorial State Park to learn about the Donner Party tragedy because, admit it, learning about people resorting to cannibalism to survive is fascinating.

Brent Thing 3 Instagram IG Lake Tahoe CA

It was a good two weeks and as much as we enjoy the snow, I have to admit I’d kinda like to see Tahoe in the summer and maybe we could swim in instead of walk on the lake!

Lake Tahoe at a Glance:

Where We Stayed:

RV Tahoe Valley CA

  • Tahoe Valley Campground–  The park was quiet (maybe because it’s off season), clean, and a great location within walking distance from stores and restaurants. It was about a 15 minutes drive to Heavenly Ski Resort.

The Highlights:

  • Snowboarding at Heavenly Ski Resort
  • Hiking Eagle Falls Trail in Emerald Bay State Park
  • Donner Memorial State Park
  • Downtown Truckee
  • Driving around the lake for the gorgeous views.

Where We Ate:

  • Best Pies Pizzaria in Truckee – We had the Best Pies Signature Pie and Pizzadilla. Both were really really good! The Pizzadilla is folded up like a quesadilla.
  • Blue Dog Pizza in South Lake Tahoe – I guess we like pizza. Not particularly memorable but certainly good.

Love and Laughter,

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4 Responses to “Not All Birds Fly South: RVing in Lake Tahoe”

  1. [email protected] Says:

    Sounds like you had a nice time in Tahoe! I miss the snow…

    Hope you are having a wonderful time wherever you are right now…. 🙂


  2. Deb Says:

    Ah! Everyone is growing up!!

    I LOVED heavenly when I went last time (25 yrs ago lol). And I can’t think of truckee without thinking cannibalism 🙂

    Miss you guys!


  3. Sue Taylor Says:

    So you’ve had your Gateway for a year or so? How do you like it? We are looking tone on the road in May and have narrowed it down to the Gateway bunkhouse or the Open Range bunkhouse. Both look great but the Open Range is 3x so I guess it’s extra inserted. How did the Gateway fare in cold climates? I want to do some winter camping stays too.
    What have you liked or disliked? Thanks so much for your blog!


  4. Ryan Says:

    I would love to head up to Lake Tahoe for some snowboarding! It is not that far away from my Eclipse dealer so I am thinking about taking a weekend trip. I went to Mammoth in December and had a great time!

    I like the design of that Burton. I also have a Burton.


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