Thing 3 in Lake Tahoe (Weeks 34 and 35)

So my mom is now combining weeks.

What is that all about?

Thing 3 Little Hat Tahoe CA1

I mean seriously shouldn’t this be a weekly face?

Maybe it’s becase I keep her so busy that she doesn’t have much time to be on the computer.

PicMonkey Collage Thing 3 Pulling Up CA

After all I started crawling. Then the following week I tried pulling myself up.

Standing Thing 3 CA

A few day later…success!!! Watch out big brothers. I’m coming after your stuff!

PicMonkey Collage Thing 3 Stairs lake tahoe CA2

Pretty soon I’m going to tackle the stairs!


Thing 3 Fox Hat CA

Thing 3 Brent Hiking Lake Tahoe CA

Lake Tahoe was fun. We did things like hike and go on walks through the campground.

Thing 1 Reading to Thing 2 CA

My big big brother read books to me.

PicMonkey Collage THing 3 guitar Thing 2 Lake Tahoe CA

My big brother let me play his guitrar.

PicMonkey Collage Thing 3 Sunny Lake Tahoe CA

Unfortunately, I got yelled at by Meow Cow.

He just doesn’t understand how much I love him.

Thing 3 Fox Hate Tahoe CA

Love and Laughter,

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5 Responses to “Thing 3 in Lake Tahoe (Weeks 34 and 35)”

  1. Catherine Forest Says:

    Oh that last picture… My ovaries hurt!!!


  2. [email protected] Says:

    Yes, your face should definitely make a weekly appearance!!! Have fun exploring the world! 🙂


  3. Deb (SmoothieGirlEatsToo) Says:

    eleventy billion times adorable!


  4. susan Says:

    truly enjoyed your pictures…enjoy always


  5. Marcus Williams Says:

    These photos are just darling if you’d ask me. From all your scenic shots up until that adorable bundle of joy of yours. You’re truly doing a great job on this Jenn! Any tips on aspiring campers? I’m definitely looking into this sort of lifestyle.


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