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Not All Birds Fly South: RVing in Lake Tahoe

March 6, 2015

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Tweet Two and a half years ago if you would have asked me where I wanted to spend winter, I would have quickly said Florida, Southern California, or Arizona. Then I spent a winter up in the in the mountains … Continue reading

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Always Time for Thing 3 – Week 12

September 16, 2014


Tweet So mommy got very busy while we were traveling to Alaska and writing for Go RVing. She didn’t have much extra time to write this blog but she’s going to do her best to catch up now that we … Continue reading

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Thing 3 on “Being Cute” – Week 9

July 15, 2014


Tweet Wow, I’m over two months old! Time flies when you are having fun. See how much fun I’m having with my big brother. Oh what’s that? You wanted me to look at that big black thing you always have … Continue reading

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Midnight Whispers, Thing 3 Week 7

June 18, 2014


Tweet Dear Thing 3, Once in a while and every so often you may hear a mysterious whisper. A whisper that speaks more to your heart than to your mind. A whisper so soft yet so loud. The other night … Continue reading

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Thing 3 in the Keys – Week 6

June 6, 2014


Tweet This week I got my first taste of life on the road when we went down to the Florida Keys. We stayed right on the beach and I would get rocked to the sound of the Gulf of Mexico. … Continue reading

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Thing 3, Road-Warrior Training Begins – Week 5

May 28, 2014


Tweet This week started off with an unplanned stop at the shopping mall. My parents were looking for a particular restaurant but didn’t  realize it was in the mall. Everyone was too tired and cranky to find something else so … Continue reading

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Little Big Guy, Thing 3 – Week 4

May 18, 2014


Tweet I’m one month old. What a great four weeks!    Napping is still one of the best things ever. My Papaw gave me the nickname Nobi-Wan Kenobi. My baby wrap is really a Jedi robe in disguise. My neck … Continue reading

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Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument

May 13, 2014


Tweet I was only three years old when Mount St Helens erupted killing 57 people. It was a few years after the fact, that my child’s mind could process deadliest eruption in the United States. Natural disasters are strange mixture … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Thing 3 – Week 3

May 12, 2014


Tweet This was a pretty chill week. My mommy was still following the “21 day rest rule” so I didn’t get out much. That’s okay. I like to lie around with my mom. She talks and sings to me. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Thing 3 – Week 2

April 28, 2014


Tweet I went to church for the first time on Easter. I don’t really remember it because I slept the entire time in the baby carrier mommy was wearing. I did get to wear a snazzy suit complete with a … Continue reading

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