Christmas in July with Thing 3 – Week 11

August 4, 2014

Thing 3's First Year

Soooo my mom forgot to share some photos from Indiana last week and they’re great.

Real great.

Thing 3 Week 10 Christmas Suit 4 IN



Every baby wants to be squeezed into a scratchy old family Christmas suit in the middle of summer, right?


Thing 3 Week 10 Christmas Suit 5 IN

Okay fine, I’ll rock this suit like it’s 1977.

Thing 3 Week 10 Christmas Suit 3 IN

How’s my impression of an elf?

Oh I look mad?

Well maybe Santa should issue suits that fit.

Thing 3 Week 10 Christmas Suit IN

Elf or fish?

Thing 3 Week 10 Christmas Suit 2 IN

Nice hat, huh.

Thing 3 week 10 Mustache

As if squeezing me into a Christmas suit in the middle of summer wasn’t “cute” enough my mom gave me this to suck on.


I’m 11 months going on 55 bald and in need of a shave.

Thing 3 Rest Stop

Okay enough with the dress up.

We started traveling again! Yippeee!

I’m at a rest stop here.

Lawn farmers market madison wi

I went to the Madison farmers market.

It was hot and crowded so we found a quiet place in the shade where I could people watch.

Thing 2 and 3 Zoo WI

This is outside of the Madison Zoo.

I love it when my brother holds me.

Love and Laughter,

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4 Responses to “Christmas in July with Thing 3 – Week 11”

  1. Deb Says:

    Love thing 2’s haircut 🙂


  2. Jodee Gravel Says:

    Don’t think Mom could have waited until December to get those pics :-))). It was good of you to humor her – and you look adorable!


  3. Sarah @ Revolutionary Mom Says:

    We have the same tradition in our family! The suit’s working on it’s third generation!


  4. Steve Williams Says:

    Glad you are all doing well, and congradulations on thing 3.


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