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Thing 3 in Lake Tahoe (Weeks 34 and 35)

Thing 3 Little Hat Tahoe CA1

So my mom is now combining weeks. What is that all about? I mean seriously shouldn’t this be a weekly face? Maybe it’s becase I keep her so busy that she doesn’t have much time to be on the computer. … Continue reading

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A Week of Big – Thing 3 Week 33

Thing 3 RV 2 Lake Tahoe CA2

Hey look at me! I’m getting so big! I can even ride in shopping carts now that I have a new cart cover. Maybe mommy will lay off the hand sanitizer. Doubtful! This week, I met my Great Noni on … Continue reading

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Christmas Before July – (Thing 3 Week 32)

Family Christmas 4 2014 CA

My mommy is posting Christmas photos before July. It’s a miracle. It was my first Christmas. My big brother helped me open most of my presents. I got a piano, cars, a wooden zebra from my brother, and something called … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Thing 3 – Week 13

Mommy Thing 2 Week 13

My big big brother plays piano. Sometimes he plays for me when I’m upset and it helps me to calm down. After Minnesota we headed to the International Peace Gardens in North Dakota so he could go to the International … Continue reading

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Always Time for Thing 3 – Week 12

North Dakota Week 12 Thing 3

So mommy got very busy while we were traveling to Alaska and writing for Go RVing. She didn’t have much extra time to write this blog but she’s going to do her best to catch up now that we are … Continue reading

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Christmas in July with Thing 3 – Week 11

Thing 3 Week 10 Christmas Suit 3 IN

Soooo my mom forgot to share some photos from Indiana last week and they’re great. Real great.   See? Every baby wants to be squeezed into a scratchy old family Christmas suit in the middle of summer, right? Riiiiight. Okay … Continue reading

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The People I Meet – Thing 3 – Week 10

Thing 3 Looking Week 10

This week started off with a Father’s Day celebration in Indiana at my Weewah’s house. Unlike for Mother’s Day we actually took pictures. Mama says that’s what happens when she takes most of the photos. I was also initiated into … Continue reading

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Thing 3 on “Being Cute” – Week 9

Thing 3 in the Drivers Seat week 9

Wow, I’m over two months old! Time flies when you are having fun. See how much fun I’m having with my big brother. Oh what’s that? You wanted me to look at that big black thing you always have in … Continue reading

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Smiling at Stone Mountain – Thing 3 – Week 8

Thing 3 Week 8

My mommy is behind on my posts. I guess between taking care of me and my big brothers she doesn’t have a lot of free time. We’ve been traveling a lot lately. I’ve started to like my baby carrier. Mommy … Continue reading

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Midnight Whispers, Thing 3 Week 7

Mommy and me week 7

Dear Thing 3, Once in a while and every so often you may hear a mysterious whisper. A whisper that speaks more to your heart than to your mind. A whisper so soft yet so loud. The other night in … Continue reading

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