Savannah, GA

Savannah is a beautiful name. It’s a perfect name for one of the prettiest towns we’ve stepped foot in and stepped foot we did.

Self-guided tours seem to be the best option for our family. It gives us the freedom to set our own pace and allows time for pitstops like watching the taffy machine at the Savannah’s Candy Kitchen in the City Market. It also allows more room in the budget for eating out. Our Savannah splurge of the day was at Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons.

The bookstore in the Visitor Center sold a lovely walking tour guide that included four different easy to follow tours with historical descriptions and color photos. We did the “Along the Riverfront” and “The Booming West Side” walking tours. The boys held up really well but by the end of the day they were spent. We decided to ride “The Dot” for one last look at the town before calling it quits for the day

While in Savannah, we stayed in nearby Skidaway State Park. We enjoyed biking along the trails (I only got us a little lost this time.) and walking under the trees. While on a walk one evening, we met another family who was en route to Bahai Honda on a three month adventure with their two boys. A few hours later, we were sharing a meal in our camper over stories and laughter.

Unexpected things like this are, by far, the best part of living fulltime on the road.

Before we left the Savannah area, we visited Fort Pulaski on Cockspur Island. Fort Pulaski was built to protect Savannah from a river approach. We took a Ranger Guided tour and explored. The boys completed their Jr. Ranger booklets and earned new badges to add to their growing collection.

Our Savannah GA Experience at a Glance

Where we stayed:

  • Skidaway Island State Park – Skidaway Island State park is beautiful, reasonably priced, and not far from historic Savannah. We had a strong internet connection and cell service.

What we did:

  • Toured Savannah by foot using a walking tour guide we bought at Savannah Vistor Center. Savannah is the perfect kind of town to explore by foot.
  • Rode the Dot, a free bus. We rode the entire line to get a good view of the town and got off once to see The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and I was excited to see Flannery O’Connor’s Childhood on the same square.
  • Rode the free Savannah Belles Ferry (Part of the dot system) – It was a short ride but offered a different perspective of Savannah. It was fun to imagine what it might of been like coming into the town by boat.
  • Visited Fort Pulaski National Monument  (I wish we would have had time to visit nearby Tybee Island.)

Where we ate:

  • The Lady and Sons – Unfortunately, Brent and I didn’t think it was worth the price or the wait. At the suggestion of our waiter, I ordered the chicken pot pie. I disliked it so much that Brent, always the sweetheart, offered to trade me for his crab cakes. The crab cakes were just okay. The boys ordered the buffet and after stealing a few bites from their plates, Brent and I wished we would have ordered the same. The chocolate butter cake, however, was divine.

Love and Laughter,

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3 Responses to “Savannah, GA”

  1. Weewa Says:

    Brought back fun memories when Dad and I went. It was so much fun walking everywhere. Looks like you guys did a lot of walking too. P.S. You know Paula Deen can’t make good fried chicken like your Grandma Webbs’. 😉


  2. Norene NIms Says:

    Just a precious note from Georgia, Jenn.
    And wonderful photos of our boys and granddogs…
    And sunsets and flowers, and family.
    I’m glad you took a moment out of time….
    Love, Mom


  3. Norene NIms Says:

    Oh! Savannah, the Belle city.
    My sister and I walked around every neighborhood taking photos and enjoying the rich character and beautiful landscaping everywhere we looked. We enjoyed the statues and history honored in every park. Although I was Shocked to see the Union Jack flying at the top of the City Hall! ( Since that time this is no longer true – after real debate the flag was taken down: over 100 years since the War was over. At least this is what I read in a newspaper. It would be interesting to see if that is true.)
    As for Paula Deen’s restaurant – I think she should personally invite you back to try to change your mind and get a better rating.
    Joyfully, Mom


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