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Our 2nd Valentine’s Day in Orlando Florida

Vlanetines Day Balloon FL

We didn’t plan it this way. It just so happened that we were in the same campground that we stayed at two years ago when we celebrated Valentine’s Day with other full time RV families. The kids enjoyed exchanging Valentines and a scavenger … Continue reading

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Our Backyard: Driftwood Cabana BBQ in La Connor, WA

La Connor Thousand Trails WA

Sure we love visiting  iconic places like Yellowstone National Park  or Washington DC. But simple “backyard” moments built from driftwood, salty air, laughter, and the smell of bbq are the moments that send my soul soaring. I wouldn’t trade these … Continue reading

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Over the River and Through the Wood to Washington We Go!

Flowers Leavenworth WA

After leaving Glacier National Park, we headed over to Washington. We took Highway 2, a remote and lovely route over rivers and through woods. I’m not sure I’d actually recommend taking Highway 2 unless, like us, you just really really prefer highways … Continue reading

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Remembering Our Backyard in Colonial Beach VA

Roadschool Colonial Beach VA

As a family on the road we see so many wonderful places but you know what? It’s the small things I really want to remember. I want to remember… Each campsite we call home for a few days or weeks. … Continue reading

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Our Backyard in the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Tall Grass and Clouds Virginia Landing

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is seperated from mainland Virginia by the Chesapeake Bay and for four days it was our home. We saw the wild horse of Assateague Island but mostly we just lived and explored our backyard. Love … Continue reading

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Smiles and Sluiceways

Creek Panning at Hiddenite Gems NC

We have a camping membership called Thousand Trails. It’s sort of like a time share but less classy. Instead of a condo on a beach, we get a campsite in a network of campgrounds. Some of these campgrounds are wonderful. … Continue reading

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Clueless or Cozy?

Eskimo Pug

We decided to wait out the storm. Alone. The morning of the storm we noticed the other three campers in the campground were packing up. By noon, the snow started falling and ice- the real problem- started forming on the … Continue reading

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Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave Entrance

We had our first overnight guests! Jeff, my brother, and his son drove down with us from Indiana. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have them with us for the night and to share with them the mystery … Continue reading

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Day 54: “Visiting with” Longhorns


We made it out of Texas. Almost. First we had to find some Texas Longhorn cattle. You see the other day Thing 2 and I decided we wanted to see some Texas Longhorn cattle close up. So I went online … Continue reading

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Days 51-53: Stuffing My Soul

Footsie Lake Texoma

When we left on our road trip I had visions of what it would be like to live on the road with my family in an RV. My dreams didn’t include family photos in front of Mt. Rushmore or touring … Continue reading

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