Smiles and Sluiceways

We have a camping membership called Thousand Trails. It’s sort of like a time share but less classy. Instead of a condo on a beach, we get a campsite in a network of campgrounds. Some of these campgrounds are wonderful. Most are really great. A couple have been “meh“.  One or two have made me wonder if I’m up to date on my tetnus.

Forest Lake Campground in Advance, North Carolina, was wonderful. We only stayed here for four days. Four days that were full of simple pleasures like walking through the woods, fishing, and exploration.

We could see the lake from our campsite where Thing Two spent hours fishing.

Dinner. Seriously.

One afternoon the boys and I decided to explore the nearby small town of Lexington, North Carolina.

Our first stop was The Candy Factory where I had to say no more than yes.

We found a great antique/vintage shop complete with a military room. Thing Two could have stayed in there all afternoon.

Another afternoon, the boys and I drove to Hiddenite Gems for some prospecting.


We left the sluiceway for some “creeking”.

Thing Two was in his element. (Pun intended.)

He could have searched for gems all day.

Thing One put on a happy face and posed for some shots for me.

In reality, he thought creeking was about as exciting as trimming toenails. He prefers the finer things in like visiting mansions.

But after I told him to “at least act happy” I got this.

And this “Do I look Like I’m Having Fun Now?” smile.

“Is this happy enough for you, mom?”

We also made some little friends.

Pictures like this make me forget that “mom” is synonymous with “referee”.

Finally a real smile. On our way to the car.

Love and Laughter,

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4 Responses to “Smiles and Sluiceways”

  1. [email protected] Says:

    Sounds & looks like a great time!

    This post makes me realize that I need to go out in “real” nature soon! And I have said “At least TRY to look happy” more times than I can count… 🙂


  2. Tamara Says:

    What a lovely day… I didn’t realize there were time shares for campsites, but I guess it makes sense! Sorry to hear you’ve landed in a few duds. Glad some, like NC’s, are extra nice to make up for it!


  3. Jess Says:

    Maybe Thing 1 would’ve enjoyed it more if he found real gold in his pan.


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