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Experiencing Island Life on Orcas Island

December 26, 2013


Tweet I’ve always wondered what it would be like to raise a family on an island with lots fresh fish, play dates at the beach, and calypso music. Since I don’t think we will be moving to an island anytime … Continue reading

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Hiking in North Cascades National Park

December 19, 2013

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Tweet While we are searching for a new RV and before we get busy taking on next year’s adventures, I’m going to finish catching up on our travels from over the summer. July was a perfect month to spend in … Continue reading

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Savannah, GA

May 29, 2012


Tweet Savannah is a beautiful name. It’s a perfect name for one of the prettiest towns we’ve stepped foot in and stepped foot we did. Self-guided tours seem to be the best option for our family. It gives us the freedom … Continue reading

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The Florida Keys: We love you Bahai Honda State Park

April 10, 2012


Tweet Road tripping is in my blood. Some of my favorites childhood memories are roadtrips with my family. One particularly memorable experience was when our family vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama suddenly, due to an unfavorable weather forecast, took a … Continue reading

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New Memories in New Orleans, Louisiana

March 7, 2012


Tweet They say a picture is worth a thousand words and after four marvelous days in New Orleans I could write thousands and thousands of words. I could write… About the artists, musicians, and street performers like the funny robot … Continue reading

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Days 36 – 40: Austin

December 17, 2011


Tweet Austin feels like home. Brent works the days away. The boys are leaving dishes in the sink. Meow Cow is owning the bed. The dogs are leaving paw marks on the the back door. I’m yelling at my kids … Continue reading

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Day 33 : A Not So Black Friday

December 15, 2011


Tweet Breakfast tacos with my best friend and our families. Cowboy hats? Getting candy exploring the funky shops on South Congress Avenue in Austin? Celebrating the coolest 9 year old’s birthday party with TRICK CANDLES? Yes, please. Give me tacos, … Continue reading

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Day 6: Santa Maria Style BBQ

November 3, 2011


Tweet Today, I wanted to try Santa Maria style BBQ right off the streets of Santa Maria. I have a thing for street food.  So Brent and I headed out for one last “date” (clearly I’m a cheap date) while … Continue reading

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