Day 6: Santa Maria Style BBQ

Today, I wanted to try Santa Maria style BBQ right off the streets of Santa Maria. I have a thing for street food.  So Brent and I headed out for one last “date” (clearly I’m a cheap date) while we still have family around to keep an eye on the boys.

In years past, clubs and organization used to line up the huge oak pits in the parking lots on Broadway during the weekends.  To raise money, these organizations would cook hundreds of tri-tips or chickens and serve them with beans, salad, and garlic bread.  Unfortunately, due to city regulations most of the oak pits are gone.  This particular Saturday we saw 3  BBQ pits.  This one we stopped was run by a very nice Filipino family and it had a bit of an Asian flair.   Not exactly, what this wannabe cowgirl had in mind, but delicious nevertheless.

Love and Laughter,

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