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Day 47: Texas Junk Co

Texas Junk Co. Houston TX

I prefer the musty smell of at thrift store over the plastic-y overly perfumed smell of a department store any day. This may have something to do with convincing Brent to navigate our truck and trailer through Houston city streets … Continue reading

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Day 41 – “Tejas”

Fun in Buda

The Texas motto is “friendship” This morning I lay in bed listening to the rain my heart as heavy as the clouds. Goodbyes are hard. After getting dressed, I busied myself with cleaning…prolonging our departure. The vacuum momentarily sucking the … Continue reading

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Day 34: Austin Vintage Style Fest

Austin Flashback Vintage Friends

When I was googling “vintage clothing austin” I never dreamed I would come across something as spectacular as a Vintage Style Fest. I also never imagined it would be the weekend I was actually in Austin. In Austin with my … Continue reading

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Thrifty Threads Thursday: West Texas Edition


So I finally got the courage for another Thrifty Threads Thursday post. Truth be told, I feel a little silly doing these but I’m having so much fun scouring thrift and vintage stores along the way and I want to … Continue reading

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Thrifty Threads Thursday: Ventura Harbor Edition


Brent is sick.  It’s really putting a damper on things.  First of all, he feels terrible.  He has been in bed since Monday.  That, in and of itself, is bad enough.  Second, it’s putting a lot of extra strain on … Continue reading

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