Day 41 – “Tejas”

The Texas motto is “friendship”

This morning I lay in bed listening to the rain my heart as heavy as the clouds.

Goodbyes are hard.

After getting dressed, I busied myself with cleaning…prolonging our departure. The vacuum momentarily sucking the sadness from my heart. I wiped the last of the toothpaste off the counter and swallowed.

My favorite part of this week has been seeing my friend walk through her life as a wife and mother. It seemed only yesterday we were sleeping on air mattresses and eating off of moving boxes in our empty LA apartment. Yet, here we are with husbands, children, and houses. We stayed up late sitting on the couch sharing disappointments, frustrations, laughs, ideas and dreams. Being around her makes dreams seem like they are in my pocket ready to be pulled out like a rabbit from a hat.

We intended to say 5 nights at their house in Austin but those 5 turned into 10. Ten nights. Ten wonderful nights that will remain locked away as a reminder that, in a world where friendship is often as deep as clicking “like”, kindred spirits do exist.

That afternoon, we all drove out to Buda and walked the old streets with our families. Ju-boo and I wore our new vintage dresses in coordinating colors. We ate at an old soda fountain. We poked around in yet another thrift store. We took pictures. We laughed.

Then in the street under a damp thick sky we said good bye.

As it turned out, I had forgotten my phone at their house. (Thankfully, I married the world’s most patient man.) and I got the chance to say goodbye again. As I walked out of her house for the second time I desperately wished I hadn’t forgotten my phone. Seeing “our” empty room put little holes in my heart. Little holes that were patched by those last hugs goodbye.

Texas, we lived your motto.

Love and Laughter,

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2 Responses to “Day 41 – “Tejas””

  1. Mariza Says:

    You both look so pretty in those photos! How fun! I’m feeling like I left Austin so long ago, but it’s only been 2 weeks! Ha!


  2. Lisa Says:

    I never leave once…. it is always better to leave twice…or maybe it is just because without my head attached I always forget something!


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