Thrifty Threads Thursday: Ventura Harbor Edition

October 6, 2011

Thrifty Threads Thursday

Brent is sick.  It’s really putting a damper on things.  First of all, he feels terrible.  He has been in bed since Monday.  That, in and of itself, is bad enough.  Second, it’s putting a lot of extra strain on me trying to get ready to go by October 16th.


To take a break from the stress Thing 1 and I went down to the harbor to shoot some Thrifty Threads Thursday pictures.  The harbor is only a 5-10 minute drive, depending on traffic, from our house and one of my favorite places in Ventura.

My friend knew I loved this skirt and gave it to me after reading my first Thrifty Thread Thursday post.

It’s a handsewn wrap skirt with little felt and vintage fabric birds sewn on the hem.  The tay on the inside says “Lindsey Miller Handmade One of a Kind”.  I wondering if it’s this designer?

The sweater is from Tulle.  About twice a year they have a sample sale in LA and it’s so. much. fun.  That is ff you don’t mind digging, waiting in lines, trying on clothes in a parking lot and general chaos!  I don’t.  If you don’t live in LA they have really good sales every once in a while.

There is no such thing as too much ball fringe.  No. such. thing.

Glasses are from Warby Parker.  Love this company.  The glasses are high quality, the customer service is amazing, and for every pair of glasses sold they give a pair to someone in need.



Kenzie shoes.  I literally watched these for 6 months until they went on sale.  Thrifty or crazy?

I think Thing 1 did a great job taking the photos! Now, I have two personal photographers! 😉  Thank you, Thing 1!!!!

Best of all, we had so much fun despite the blustery weather!

Trying to take our photo!  My arm is just not long enough!

Ack!!  The wind!!!

I think I’m going to miss this town.

love and laughter,




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4 Responses to “Thrifty Threads Thursday: Ventura Harbor Edition”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Super cute! Love your outfit! Keep up your TT posts if you can, I am really enjoying them esp. since most blogs I am following these days are home decor and fashion (of course I have a couple family healthy eating ones in their for good balance though 😉 Sending get better soon vibes to you dh! and <3&xo to you Jenn!


  2. [email protected] Says:

    Glad you got away and had a fun photo shoot! Thing 1 did a fabulous job! Love the entire outfit!

    Hope your husband is feeling better!!!


  3. Jess Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a skirt that is so “you”.


  4. Elizabeth Molina Says:

    I am SOOOOO glad that skirt went to you. It went from an exciting life being shown with Linsay Miller to MY BORING DARK SMALL CRAMPED CLOSET and now it is FREE again, given a new life thanks to you my dear friend Jenn:)
    hugs to you!


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