Thrifty Threads Thursday

I’m going to do a regular little feature on this new blog of mine.

Thrifty Threads Thursday

Some of you may only know me from my health blog Girl Heroes.  Those of you may be surprised to find out I’m interested in much more than food and fitness.

One of those interest is vintage and vintage inspired fashion.


Really, it’s a bit ridiculous how happy cute vintage dresses make me.  Especially dresses with buttons, bows, gathers, pins, tucks, lace, and piping.  Not all at once…well…maybe…

Not only do I have a “wee” obsession with vintage style clothing, I have a wee budget and a wee closet in our new rv home.

Sooooooo things are about to get interesting.

Here’s the plan.  I’m going to visit thrift and vintage shops all over the country.  I’ll also probably come across a good sale or two.  (Good thing I’ve been stashing some of my birthday and Christmas money in my sock drawer.) Then I’m going to post my finds here once a week.

In the meantime, I’m going to share some of my favorite thrifty threads.

Ironically, I got this little dress from a vintage shop in Seattle a few years ago.  I love it just as much today as the day I bought it.  The belt was found in a dollar bin at a little boutique downtown Ventura.

I’ve had my Saltwater Sandals for almost 15 years!  I’d call that a good investment.














My hairstylist braided my hair.  I doubt I’ll ever be able to replicate it.  Oh well.  At least I have a picture.

So guys (Dad), please bear with the Thrifty Thread Thursday.  I promise there will diesel trucks  and be plenty of pictures from the places in the near future.

with love,






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10 Responses to “Thrifty Threads Thursday”

  1. carbzilla Says:

    Adorable – I was just talking about your adventure last night at a launch party for a new travel photo app. One of their favorite users took all his photos when he and his wife sold everything and RV’d around the US. If you’re interested, check out Trover (sorry, this sounds Spammy but my life has been all software all the time lately).


  2. dania Says:

    OOOOOhhhhh, I LOVE it!!! ‘Bout Christmas time when I hit that goal, I will join you in some vintage shopping my friend. In the meantime I will enjoy checking out your super cute finds. FUN STUFF !!!!!


  3. janetha Says:

    AHHH! I have been dying to learn how to do the waterfall braid! You have to teach me when we meet 🙂


  4. charlotte Says:

    AAAAAAHHHH I love that dress!!! And the belt and the sandals and the pass-through braid – it’s all perfect! You are so adorable. I can’t speak for all your readers but I want more dress posts;)


  5. Amanda Says:

    I love this! I love the saltwater sandals. I had those growing up but never could find them in adult sizes. Love the braids.


  6. Dad Says:

    I love the sound of a diesel turbocharger, but your braids are outasight!


  7. Elizabeth Molina Says:

    Jenn, if you need something vintage for this Thursday, you can have my blue vintage wrap around skirt:) I don’t fit in it anymore and I know you will put it to good use:) My going away gift to you;)


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