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Heart or Head – Searching for the Best Family Travel Trailer

Finding a new RV We began our search for a new RV the moment we decided to sell our old one. My heart bleeds gypsy blood and to not have an RV would make the next few years feel even more … Continue reading

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Used Heartland Gateway 3650BH for Sale


The time has come to sell our beloved RV, a used 2014 Heartland Gateway 3650BH. We searched for months and looked at many RVs before deciding on the Gateway 3650BH. She was perfect for our family and if we were … Continue reading

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Buying our New Fifth Wheel at Dixie RV

Dixie RV Reviews

Buying a new RV was a big decision for us. A really big decision. Our old RV was already paid for and it had become our home so we were reluctant to part with it. However, our family was in … Continue reading

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Our Heartland Gateway 3650BH Video Tour

Dixie RV Heartland Gateway 3650BH

In our search for an RV, we spent a ridiculous amount of hours online looking at various models and reading reviews and forums. After selling our old RV in Texas, we headed to Florida to meet my  doctor before heading … Continue reading

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Our New RV – The Heartland Gateway 3650 BH

Residential Fridge Fifth Wheel Heartland Gateway 3650bh

After much, literally months of deliberation, and over 8 weeks of living out of bags after selling our old RV, we decided to purchase a brand new fifth wheel. This is the first time we have ever made a large … Continue reading

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The Couch Angel

Couch Reupolster 3

Last week, I mentioned a great friend was coming over to help me reupholster the rv sleeper sofa frame. Well she’s not a great friend…                           She’s a … Continue reading

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Pinholes of Light


Some photos, a preview if you will, I snapped with my phone this week. Brent has been crazy busy finishing up the video and I’ve been painting, cleaning, and going through stuff at our house. Finally, some pinholes of light are making their way … Continue reading

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Is there a forest around these trees?

Thing 2 Sanding

Life may be a tad bit on the busy side right now but I still want to document it. This week we’ve been painting, sanding, painting, sanding. From how much we’ve I’ve been painting you would think that we are … Continue reading

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Making a “house” a “home”.

5th Wheel Redecorate 3

Today was our first official work day on the trailer. It’s a family affair.  Almost.  Thing 2 pops in and out offering encouragement.  Sort of. However, Thing 1 is more than happy to get to use tools help as long as we … Continue reading

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The Birthday Beast

Chevy Diesel 3

When I was a little girl I used to tell my mom that someday I wanted to drive across the country in an “old junky convertible”. She always asked me “Why does it need to be junky?”   That still … Continue reading

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