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Christmas Before July – (Thing 3 Week 32)

Family Christmas 4 2014 CA

My mommy is posting Christmas photos before July. It’s a miracle. It was my first Christmas. My big brother helped me open most of my presents. I got a piano, cars, a wooden zebra from my brother, and something called … Continue reading

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Thing 3 on “Being Cute” – Week 9

Thing 3 in the Drivers Seat week 9

Wow, I’m over two months old! Time flies when you are having fun. See how much fun I’m having with my big brother. Oh what’s that? You wanted me to look at that big black thing you always have in … Continue reading

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Thing 3 in the Keys – Week 6

All natural baby week 6

This week I got my first taste of life on the road when we went down to the Florida Keys. We stayed right on the beach and I would get rocked to the sound of the Gulf of Mexico. We … Continue reading

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Silly Thing Two CO

Life on the road is not always fun and games. Especially when you are an about-to-be-a-teenager and your birthday comes around. Especially when you are an about-to-be-teenager who is used to having birthday parties with lots of friends and family. … Continue reading

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I Mustache You a Question.

Thoughtful Mustache

  How long can someone be entertained by a fake mustache? Much too long, my friends, much too long. Love and Laughter, Jenn If you enjoyed this post you can follow one of three ways! 1. Sign up to have … Continue reading

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Solomon’s Castle

Solomon's Castle and Horse

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Or treasures. Seventy years worth of treasures. When I think of a castles, I think of grand stone buildings surrounded by immaculate gardens and moats. Aside from a misplaced moat, Solomon’s Castle is … Continue reading

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Port Charlotte, Florida

Florida Palms Sunset

Who needs a campground when you can park in a yard. We spent over two weeks at my parent’s house in Port Charlotte. This is what we will remember. Visiting with my Junebug and Papaw (my grandma and grandpa) for … Continue reading

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The Amusement Park Grinch

Daddy and Boys Epcot

I’ll just say it. I don’t like amusement parks. There is just not much “magic” in the Magic Kingdom unless you count how quickly your money magically disappears. I’m an amusement park Grinch. However, like most kids, our kids love visiting theme parks. When … Continue reading

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Days 86-89: Old MacDonald had a farm

Thing 2 Horse TN

And on that farm he had a miniature mule. Rainy days. Fresh eggs. Curious goats. Stoic horses. Few things make me as happy as the smell and velvety touch of a horse’s muzzle. As I was struggling with depression, 5 … Continue reading

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Great Noni


There is nothing like getting ready for church in the Wal-mart parking lot when it’s so cold you can see your breath. We are in Turlock, CA, to see Brent’s “Noni”.  We’ve been meaning to see her for years and … Continue reading

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