The Amusement Park Grinch

I’ll just say it. I don’t like amusement parks. There is just not much “magic” in the Magic Kingdom unless you count how quickly your money magically disappears.

I’m an amusement park Grinch.

However, like most kids, our kids love visiting theme parks. When we left on our trip we weren’t sure if Disney World was going to be in the budget. As it turns out it wasn’t but we were fortunate to find out a friend of a friend of a relative could get three of us free tickets. Oh joy. I mean YIPPEEEEEEE! For the kid’s sake, I’m grateful.

So we went to Disney Hollywood Studios. And The Animal Kingdom. And Epcot Center. And The Magic Kindom.

All in the same day.



But believe it or not this amusement park Grinch had a blast even though it rained and our feet felt like we had been tap dancing barefoot on rocks for about three days nonstop.

↑ Look how much fun we’re having. 

How could you not have fun with these guys.

Brent’s and my favorite park was Animal Kingdom. Thing Two liked Hollywood Studios. Thing One liked Magic Kingdom. He’s a purist. We all loved Spaceship Earth at Epcot.

Over 15 hours later, we headed out to the last car in the parking lot. Not bad for an amusement park Grinch!

Love and Laughter,

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5 Responses to “The Amusement Park Grinch”

  1. Christine Says:

    How lucky to get to go to Disney World. We haven’t been there since it 1st opened. Not sure where you are now. Hope you might make St. Augustine, that was a very interesting place, a couple other places we loved were Charleston, Savanava, St. Simons Island(love this place because of a series of books that Grandma Nell and I read.) Outer banks, we liked Kitty Hawk, lots of history….saw the play The lost Colony and the Elizabethan Gardens. I thing the outer banks was one of our favorite vacation. I’m sure you are always getting ideas of places to go from people. Sure have enjoyed reading about everything.


    • jennincat Says:

      Thank you for this list we are headed to Savannah and Charleston! I need to research Kitty Hawk. Yes, we loved St.Augustine. Will write about it soon.


      • Christine Says:

        On kitty hawk, of course there is all the Wright Brothers history. Mark and his cousins were about the age of N and N when we were there. We went to all the lighthouses to do the junior ranger badges. Hatteras lighthouse was being moved when we were there. There was a pond with hundreds of turtles in it. Every lighthouse on the outerbanks is painted different…interesting fact. Wish I could remember the name of the life saving station we went to…we talked about the Midget family:)


  2. Jess Says:

    There is something about Disney that is magical. I can’t wait to go to more of the parks someday.


  3. Weewa Says:

    I can’t believe you did all those parks in one day !!!! Love the pictures.


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