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Day 54: “Visiting with” Longhorns


We made it out of Texas. Almost. First we had to find some Texas Longhorn cattle. You see the other day Thing 2 and I decided we wanted to see some Texas Longhorn cattle close up. So I went online … Continue reading

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Days 51-53: Stuffing My Soul

Footsie Lake Texoma

When we left on our road trip I had visions of what it would be like to live on the road with my family in an RV. My dreams didn’t include family photos in front of Mt. Rushmore or touring … Continue reading

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Days 49 and 50: Life at Lake Conroe

Nico Nigel Lake Conroe

Our stop at Lake Conroe was unexpected. We had planned to drive up to Lake Texoma from League City but decided to stop for a night. Or two. Or four. We did nothing “exciting”. Unless you count laundry. Or getting … Continue reading

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Don't Touch This Lake Conroe

I’m one of those moms that, even though my boys are nearing adolescence and can swim like fish, I knock on the bathroom door repetitively when either of them are taking a bath. Or a shower. They may slip. They … Continue reading

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Day 47: Texas Junk Co

Texas Junk Co. Houston TX

I prefer the musty smell of at thrift store over the plastic-y overly perfumed smell of a department store any day. This may have something to do with convincing Brent to navigate our truck and trailer through Houston city streets … Continue reading

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Galveston Side Kick

We spent the majority of the day doing school and work. After all, it was rainy and cold but come late afternoon I was itching to get outside.  The campground in League City was about 20 minutes from Galveston and … Continue reading

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Days 44 & 45: Space Center Houston

Houston Space Center Men Walk on Moon

Hi guys! Just when I was almost caught up blogging about our trip, we lost a strong internet connection. One night I sat at the computer for over an hour trying to upload 5 pictures. Frustrated, I decided the blog … Continue reading

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Day 43: Remember the Alamo

The Alamo Night Time

After a long day trapped in the rv while it poured rain we were ready for some adventure. San Antonio Did we see the Alamo? Of course!  No matter how many times I hear it, the story of the 13 … Continue reading

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Day 42: Downpour

The photos opportunities today were endless. I didn’t even know when to start clicking. Me still in my pajamas at 6:30 pm? My eyes swollen from crying on the couch the night before? Yelling at the kids? The boys fighting? … Continue reading

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Day 41 – “Tejas”

Fun in Buda

The Texas motto is “friendship” This morning I lay in bed listening to the rain my heart as heavy as the clouds. Goodbyes are hard. After getting dressed, I busied myself with cleaning…prolonging our departure. The vacuum momentarily sucking the … Continue reading

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