We spent the majority of the day doing school and work. After all, it was rainy and cold but come late afternoon I was itching to get outside.  The campground in League City was about 20 minutes from Galveston and Galveston is on the ocean. Our hometown, Ventura, is on the ocean and how I longed to inhale the cool salty sea air and be comforted by the crash of the waves.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss something until you’re cramped in a 280 square ft space with 3 other people in the rain it’s gone.

There were only a few hours left in the day but we decided a few breaths of ocean air is better than none.

While Galveston is a town rich with history we decided we would skip the history and just be. I think the boys appreciated it.

We had coffee.

We explored.

We found a knight in not so shining armor.

We enjoyed the architecture.


We found a surfing sharkman.

We played.

(I can’t tell you how much I love this guy!)

We watched the sunset.

We searched the sand.

Thing 2 found the most lovely black shell.

For a few hours we simply enjoyed being and I think we all came back to the RV feeling a little more alive than before.

Love and Laughter,


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3 Responses to “Galveston”

  1. Mariza Says:

    Galveston! I did many photo sessions in Galveston. The closes beach to Austin!


  2. [email protected] Says:

    Looks like you had a great time! Beautiful photos! Just being – something we often don’t do enough of…


  3. Norene NIms Says:

    Hi to our dear ones!I’ve been trusting Greg to let me see the updates, but since he never mentioned a new one, I thought that you were immersed in the holidays and family. NOw I see you have been sending out these great days of activities and photos all along. I love these photo essays as well as the comments. You are so funny, Jenn. Is that our younger grandson with the huge jump on the last page? Wow! His great grandpa was a high jumper in college. Love, Norene


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