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Boxes have replaced dressers and nightstands.  Mattresses sit on the floor.  Old toys en route to new homes whisper memories of little boys.  A rainbow of threads is scattered under the kitchen table where my friend and I spent three … Continue reading

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Open “House”

Open House Elephant Tea Kettle

Saturday morning, we decided we would have an rv open “house” on Sunday.  We had been *thinking* about the open house for a month and leave it to me to invite people 24 hours beforehand.  The truth is I wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Couch Angel

Couch Reupolster 3

Last week, I mentioned a great friend was coming over to help me reupholster the rv sleeper sofa frame. Well she’s not a great friend…                           She’s a … Continue reading

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Is there a forest around these trees?

Thing 2 Sanding

Life may be a tad bit on the busy side right now but I still want to document it. This week we’ve been painting, sanding, painting, sanding. From how much we’ve I’ve been painting you would think that we are … Continue reading

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Making a “house” a “home”.

5th Wheel Redecorate 3

Today was our first official work day on the trailer. It’s a family affair.  Almost.  Thing 2 pops in and out offering encouragement.  Sort of. However, Thing 1 is more than happy to get to use tools help as long as we … Continue reading

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The Birthday Beast

Chevy Diesel 3

When I was a little girl I used to tell my mom that someday I wanted to drive across the country in an “old junky convertible”. She always asked me “Why does it need to be junky?”   That still … Continue reading

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