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Homeless but Happy and Chicks without Bricks

Little Uhaul big trailer

So we spontaneously sold our RV a week and a half ago. And tried to packed everything into a tiny U-Haul. It seemed appropriate that the sun was setting as we took our last family picture before saying goodbye. This … Continue reading

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Day 31: On the Steps of the Admiral Nimitz Museum

Admiral Nimitz Museum Steps

We slept comfortably at the rest stop last night.  This morning we even got up and made pancakes. After walking the dogs and picking burrs (I’ve never encountered such villainous flora.) out of our shoes that had tagged along from Marfa we hopped … Continue reading

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Day 30: I Am Home

Drive to Austin

Last night, before we went to bed we made a difficult decision. Not a life-death or always-regret decision, mind you, but a decision that we had been chewing on for a few days. We decided not to go to Big … Continue reading

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Brothers and Pugs Guadalupe NP

Today, we left Carlsbad, New Mexico, bound for Marfa, Texas.  We weren’t too far down the road when we came upon a pleasant surprise- Guadalupe Mountains National Park. How one just stumbles upon a national park, I don’t know. If … Continue reading

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Day 26: Content to the Bone

Abandone Building Highway 285

Golden plains stretch as far as the eye can see.  The sun beats against my face.  I shift in my seat but cannot escape its glare.  James Vincent McMorrow’s voice fills the cabin and his lyrics stir my heart.  My … Continue reading

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Day 24: Neurotic Nomads – Montezuma Castle and The Petrified Forest National Park

Hikers Petrified Forest National Park

At Montezuma Castle, it is easy to imagine being Sinagua people making our way through the sycamore and cottonwood trees to gather water at Beaver Creak before climbing up the ladders to our home way up on the cliffs.  Except … Continue reading

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Day 19 : Pit Stop

I-40 2

  Driving days are my favorite.  The endless black snake of pavement makes me feel like each cell of my body has a breath of it’s own. While on the road my mind wonders.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m running … Continue reading

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Day 18: Goodbye Yosemite

UPS on the open Road

I could see my breath as I lay in bed this morning. It was even cold for Meow Cow.  He regularly sleeps on our feet but last night I pulled him under the covers.  At first he stiffened, “I think … Continue reading

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