So we spent three days in Seattle. I think. Maybe it was four. Regardless, here is the rest of what we did after the first day.

Future of Flight & Boeing Factory Tour

Boeing Factory Tour WA

Okay so the Boeing Factory tour isn’t exactly in Seattle. It’s about 25 miles north but it’s is SO WORTH the drive and the price of admission. Two years ago we visited Kitty Hawk, the site of the Wright brothers first flight, and seeing the progression of flight from the Wright Flyer (original is located at the National Air and Space Museum ) to the 787 plane at the Boeing Factory was almost overwhelming. So cool.

Experience Music Project Museum

Experience Music Seattle WA Family Experience Music Project Seattle WA

Boys EMP Musuem Seattle WA

At the Experience Music Project Museum the boys were schooled in grunge music while Brent and I took a trip down memory lane. (A few days later, we drove through Aberdeen, Kurt Cobain’s hometown, listening to Nirvana and the boys recalled some of what they learned in the museum.) Despite what it may seem like there are actually a lot of thought provoking exhibits pertaining to pop culture.

Woodland Park Zoo

monkey seattle wa

We always feel torn about going to zoos. On one hand, we love to see the animals and always have a great time. On the other hand, it can be hard to see animals in cages. I suppose that’s how most people feel. Ultimately, we hope that by seeing animals in real life our boys learn to appreciate and love wildlife and value the resources on our planet. Anyway, Woodland Park Zoo was lovely.

Fremont Troll

Freemont Troll Seattle WA

It’s a gigantic cement troll under a bridge and totally worth the stop. If you can find parking.

Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park WA




Gas Works park is located where the Seattle Gas Light Company used to be. There are remnants of the old plant and gorgeous views of Seattle.

Just Explore

Eating outside at Little Uncle Seattle WA Thing Two Little Uncle Seattle WA

In every city we make time to just wander, try new restaurants, and meet up with friends who might live in the area. It often turns out that these days become some of our favorites.

Backlit Seattle Space Needle WA

Love and Laughter,

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