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Weekend in Wyoming: The Great American Eclipse


Leading up to the eclipse I was ho-hum.  It seemed like people has been talking about it for months and months. Friends of ours were going to a fulltime RV family solar eclipse meet-up in Oregon but I thought it was … Continue reading

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Wyoming through Instagram

Bison Herd Yellowstone IG

Because this is our journey’s journal. and Because Instagram is just  fun. Love and Laughter, Jenn If you enjoyed this post you can follow one of three ways! 1. Sign up to have posts emailed to your inbox. 2. Subscribe to the … Continue reading

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Borrowing a Backyard: Experiencing Rural Life in Wyoming

Spotted Appaloosa WY

It’s no secret that I love the idea of living on a little farm. Courtney is one of my oldest friends. When we were little we’d spend hours dreaming of owning our own horses or chucking pastel colored ponies at each … Continue reading

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Nomads in Wonderland – Yellowstone National Park

Geyser Yellowstone NP

Steam rises and swirls in a dance with the wind. White mud bubbles and boils like living pots of paint. Geysers explode from the earth daring to touch the clouds. Water rages through the canyon and trickles out of cracks. … Continue reading

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Stopped in Our Tracks at Grand Tetons National Park

Brent Grand Tetons National Park

Some places you don’t know what to expect. To be honest, we only stopped at Grand Teton because it was one our way to Yellowstone. We hadn’t even looked up pictures of Grand Teton National Park on the internet. But … Continue reading

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